Golden Win Steel Industrial Corp.

Company Profile

Golden Win Steel Industrial Corp. through integrated logistic functions to handle sales of various types of GMTC alloy steel and offers the broad needs to the customers. The office located in Tao Yuan-Kuei Da-Li (Tai-Zhong), and Tainan. In 2004,branch company expansion was completed in Vietnam to engage SOUTHEAST ASIA business market.

Golden Win Steel Industrial Corp. is the subsidiary of GMTC. It focus not only on marketing with a wide various of alloy steel but also extend the added- value. Moreover, Golden Win provides Integrated Services such from material supplied with available size range, irregular shape steel, Titanium, manufacturing and processing process and information exchange to provide customer with prompt services. In an effort to continually enhance our competitive strengths in this field, we provide diversified courses and learning opportunities just for our employees, such as managerial class, 6-sigma, LM and programs, to keep quality stability and upgrade the professional technology. To meet customer satisfaction is our long-term vision.

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G-WIN - Vietnam

No.27, No. 8 Road, VietNam-Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province. VN
TEL : + 84-274-3737407
FAX : + 84-274-3737410


Taipei Branch Office

No.48, 160 Lane, Da Hoo Rd., Da-Kang Village, Kuei-Sun, Tao Yuan County, Taiwan 333
TEL : + 886-3-3970522
FAX : + 886-3-3282458

Taichung Branch Office

No.246, Chengfeng Ln., Taiming Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 414
TEL : +886-4-23350787
FAX : + 886-4-23359545


Tainan Branch Office

TEL : + 886-6-2330600
FAX : + 886-6-2330601

Historical Development

Golden Win Steel Industrial Company formally established.
Taichung Da-Li Branch office formally established.
Tainan Branch office formally established.
Taichung Feng-Yuan Branch office formally established.
Vietnam Branch office formally established.
Vietnam Goldway Special Metal Company formally established.
Taichung Feng-Yuan Branch office moved to Taichung Industrial Park.
Taipei Branch office formally established.
Vietnam Goldway Special Metal Company 2nd plant been establishing.